Centers of Excellence in Interventional Cardiology and Radiology

National Conference of Family Medicine


ARES Centers of Excellence in Interventional Cardiology and Radiology participated as a sponsor to the National Conferenceof Family Medicine 4-7th July 2013, Suceava county.

“We want to support any activity of education and medical debate. At this conference, family doctors will have the opportunity on one hand to share their experience, on the other hand to make contact with the latest techniques, the latest equipment for diagnosis and treatment and also with the latest therapies.Our belief is represented by the conservative therapy, the medicine is revolutionary only when you treat a patient for a medical condition and at the same time you preserve the anatomical integrity.

We are pleased to take part in the events that are meant to give the doctor information about the latest minimally invasive therapies. Family Medicine is a branch of medicine which is of major importance for the Romanian patient.

Only through a close connection between the family doctor, patient and interventional physician, we will be able to prevent or to treat vascular or cardiovascular disease in early stages. This way, we reduce the number of complex surgery and we will be able to make increasingly more minimally invasive procedures, procedures that are designed to treat the medical condition of the patient without the risks of anesthesia and classical surgical procedures, without scars, without pain, without lengthy recovery and without hospitalization. In this way the social reintegration of the patient is reduced from several weeks to several days. In other words, we believe that the future of medicine is represented by minimally invasive interventions and at these interventions we will excel. After all, excellence is only the perpetual access to innovation “

Iulian PlescanChief Operating Officer

ARES, Centers of Excellence in Interventional Cardiology and Radiology


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