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15 mai 2018

Prostatic artery embolization

Dear Madam/Sir, I am a 37-year old men recently diagnosed benign prostatic hyperplasia. During last months I started experiencing severe urinary symptoms. Alpha-blockers (Tamsulosin, Flomax) do not help much. I have recently married and we are planning a child with my wife, therefore, I cannot consider invasive prostate surgeries that lead to severe side effects. Therefore, prostatic artery embolization seems to be the only choice for me due to minimal risk of complications. The current prostate volume is 36 ml. May I please ask you if I am suitable to PAE procedure at your clinics? What can be a potential cost of the procedure? Thank you very much.


Sfatul medicului:

Good morning, for a proper medical answer we must examine your medical reports. In order to that, please send to us at, your blood tests results (PSA) and your prostate exam medical report. After doctor Rares Nechifor will analyze your medical documents, one of our medical care officer will contact you shortly to give you all the informations about this minimally invasive procedure. Have a nice day!

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