Dr. Vlasis  Ninios

Dr. Vlasis Ninios

Medic Primar Cardiolog

Cardiologie intervențională

Dr. Vlasis Ninios este medic primar cardiolog având competență în Cardiologie Intervențională la MONZA ARES București din spitalul Monza, Str. Tony Bulandra, Nr. 27. Proctor în ecocardiografie 3D, rotablație și IVUS Proctor în TAVI

Name: Vlasis Ninios

Current post 08/05-present

Consultant Cardiologist St. Luke’s Hospital

Panorama - Thessaloniki, Greece

Qualifications Ptychio Iatrikes (Medical degree, Grade 9/10)Greece,

Membership of The Royal College of Physicians MRCP (UK 2000)

Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training (Greece 2005)

Memberships Hellenic Cardiac Society

European Cardiac Society

Working group of Interventional Cardiology of Hellenic Society of Cardiology

Working group of valvular Heart Disease of Hellenic Society of Cardiology

Current Appointment Specialist Consultant Cardiologist with interest in interventional cardiology (coronary and structural intervention), echocardiography, advanced heart failure and pacing/ICDs

Current activities include: Coronary Intervention

Rotational atherectomy

Intravascular ultrasound

Pacemaker and Defibrillator implantation

Adult Congenital Heart intervention


Mitraclip implantation

Advanced Heart failure management

Mechanical assist devices (LVAD- RVAD)

3D transesophageal Echocardiography

Educational activities Proctor for Rotablation and IVUS

Proctor for 3D Echocardiography

Active trainer in ‘Academia’ interventional training for young cardiologists (Medtronic”)

ALS instructor

MRCP instructor

Previous training Specialist Registrar in Cardiology and Cardiovascular medicine, Cambridge University Hospitals, Cambridge University, East Anglia Deanery, Cambridge, UK (2000-2005)




1. Transcatheter closure of large atrial septal defects with deficient aortic or posterior rims using the „Greek maneuver”. A multicenter study.

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9. ECMO as a bridge to high-risk rotablation of heavily calcified coronary arteries.

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[PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]


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26. First human implantation of a new rotary blood pump: design of the clinical feasibility study.

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 Hellenic J Cardiol. 2006 Nov-Dec;47(6):368-76.

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