Prof. Dr. Basil Thanopoulos

Prof. Dr. Basil Thanopoulos

Medic Primar Cardiolog

Cardiologie intervențională

Director Interventional Pediatric Cardiology, Iatricon Medical Center, Athens, Greece Proctor în proceduri minim invazive de terapia malformațiilor congenitale cardiace Medic în cadrul Secției Destinată Terapiei Minim Invazive a Malformațiilor Congenitale Cardiace



Present Status: Director, Interventional Pediatric Cardiology, Iatricon Medical Center, Athens, Greece



1961-1967: Student of medical school, Athens University.

1967: Master’s degree-Medical School University of Athens.

1973: Specialty of Pediatrics.

1973: ECFMG certificate.

1973: Scholarship from LA. California USA Cardiological Society for specialization in pediatric cardiology at Torrance hospital, UCLA affiliated.

1975-1977: Instructor of Pediatrics, Medical School of University of Illinois, Chicago, USA.

1976-1977: Research associate of Pediatrics (Pediatric Cardiology) – Teaching Associate of Pharmacology, Medical School University of Illinois, Chicago, USA.

1977: FLEX Certificate a. State of Illinois

b. State of California, USA.

1977: Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics (Pediatric Cardiology) Medical School University of San Diego, California, USA.

1980-1984: Honorary Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Medical School University of Patras, Greece.

1988-1990: Associate Professor of Pediatrics (Pediatric Cardiology) Medical School University of Patras, Greece.

1992: Visiting Professor Belgrade School of Medicine, Yugoslavia.

1994: Foreign member of Serbian Academy of Science and Arts.

1997: Honorary Consultant Royal Brompton Hospital, London.

1999: Professor of Pediatric Cardiology, Yerevan Medical State Unversity, Yerevan, Armenia.


1969-1970: General practitioner in a rural Medical Clinic sponsored by the Greek Ministry of Health.

1970-1971: Resident in Internal Medicine, General Hospital of Piraeas, Greece.

1971-1973: Resident in Pediatrics, General Hospital of Piraeas, Greece.

1973-1974: Fellow in Pediatric Cardiology, Torrance Hospital (UCLA affiliated), California, USA.

1974-1975: Fellow in Pediatric Cardiology, Cook County Hospital, Chicago, Illinois, USA.

1975-1976: Fellow in Pediatric Cardiology, University of Illinois Hospital, Chicago, Illinois – USA.

1976-1977:Research Associate- Senior Registrar of Pediatric Cardiology and Student of Cardiovascular Pharmacology in Postgraduate School (PhD level), University of Illinois, Chicago, USA.

Test results: Pharmacology (A), Physiology (B), PhD educational program has been suspended after the first year due to undertaking an Assistant Professor’s post at University of San Diego, California, USA.

1977: Clinical assistant Professor of Pediatric Cardiology, University of San Diego Hospital, San Diego, California, USA.

1977: Senior Resistrar of Pediatric Clinic and Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory of General Hospital of Piraeus “Saint Panteleimon”, Nikea, Piraeus Greece.


1984-85: Consultant Pediatric Cardiologist – Neonate Section of “Alexandra” Maternity Hospital.

1986-2009: Director of Pediatric Cardiology Department and of Hemodynamiic Laboratory of “Agia Sophia” Children’s Hospital, Athens, Greece.

2009- :Director Interventional Pediatric Cardiology, Iatricon Medical Center, Athens, Greece

Membership in scientific societies


1.Hellenic Society of Pediatrics (ordinary member)

2.Hellenic Society of Perinatol medicine (ordinary member)

3.Hellenic Society of Cardiology (ordinary member)

a.Working group for hemodynamic and invasive cardiology (ordinary member).

b.Working group for echocardiography (ordinary member)

c.Working group for congenital heart disease (Member – President: 1990).

d.Hellenic College of Cardiology – (General secretary 2002-).


1.European association of Pediatric Cardiologists (ordinary member – representative of the Association for Greece (2000-2005).

2.American College of Cardiology (Congenital Heart Disease and Pediatric Cardiology section).

3.Balkanian society of Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiosurgery (vice President since 1998).

4.Turkish society of Pediatric Cardiology (honorary member).

5.European society of Cardiology. Adult congenital heart disease. (ordinary member)


a.Greek journals

1.Hellenic Journal of Cardiology

Member of the editorial board since 1997

2.Pediatrics (reviewer).

b.International journals

1.European society of Cardiology ( Abstract reviewer 1998 -2003)

2.European society of Pediatric Cardiology (Abstract reviewer since 2002)

3.Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions

4.Journal of American College of Cardiology


6.European journal of Echocardiography.

7.Nature Clinical Practice Cardiovascular Medicine

8.Journal of International Cardiology


Peer review journals (indexed Medline)

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